Books provide one with a safe space to explore all that they like, and a library is a safe haven for all who wish to learn. Furniture can help the process by providing comfort and easy access to the child and Rastogi furniture’s Library furniture does that and much more! The exclusive furniture offered by Rastogi furniture is vibrant and comfortable which help children to make the library their safe place. Our library furniture is capable of transforming the very look and vibe of your library. Rastogi furniture is the oldest and leading library furniture manufacturers in India, we knows that a good library is made of more than just books. It is made up of furniture that draws students in, makes them want to roam around and explore and to finally sit in a delightful chair with a good book on their lap. All this and more will happen with the mobile tables, study chairs, and shelves that make up Rastogi furniture's Library range. (A)Tables and Chairs: In order to ensure focus and comfort, Rastogi Furniture has designed library tables that will prove to be an asset for the library and will create a learning environment. The tables have clean tops, and are laminated with vibrant colours that give a contemporary look to the library. They are designed in different shapes with different dimensions, pertaining to whatever the college’s unique requirements are. All are furniture are CRC powder coated and have wooden tops with metallic frames. These tables are a great investment as they are durable, comfortable and easy to maintain our design conveys both fun and seriousness and makes the arouses students’ interest in reading. (B) Shelving's: Libraries won’t be libraries without shelves, and we aspire to make the most important aspect of a library in a way so that properly and fully serves its purpose. Our wooden laminated, anti-scratch library shelves come in both modern and contemporary styles. Screw holding capacity of the base is 1000kg to shoulder huge quantity heavy weighted books. Some of the shelves come in smaller sizes for libraries that aren’t so big and for times when easy access is required. With books properly arranged, these shelves will give an altogether different look to the library making the time spent there refreshing and engaging.