Institutional Furniture

Rastogi Furniture in Jaipur is one of the leading college and school furniture manufacturer company serving its customers since 1968 in terms of quality, services, comfort, durability and most importantly has managed to win the trust of various clients from time to time. Whether there’s a need for furniture for some special project or anything unique for your classrooms, Rastogi Furniture can deliver everything in the least possible time. It is highly recommended to spare a moment from a busy schedule and browse through our website for high quality, affordable and customizable School furniture that can be easily ordered online in Jaipur. We take all the pride in helping our customers grow their commercial or institutional space and deploy durable furniture. With our 50+ years of experience in serving esteem quality furniture with complete transparency, we have carved a powerful niche in the market and stand compelling over others. Institutional and School Furniture designed at “Rastogi Furniture” is one of the best furniture you require in your school like classroom desks, classroom chairs, classroom tables, dual desk in jaipur , library furniture, writing arm chairs, lab furniture, podium, tutorial chairs, etc. All these products delivered with a promise of optimum quality, painted in good quality colour and well-fixed from all corners for the safety of the customers and the users. The iron pipes and wood that we use in our furniture is also of supreme quality. We have a team of professionals who study the ongoing market trends and changing customer requirements. This entire knowledge is passed on to our designers and hence they come with the designs that are just too perfect to make your institutes look professional. These institutional furniture of all material be it steel furniture or wooden furniture, all products are tested on all parameters of quality checks like termite resistance.