Rastogi Workstations are made from superior extruded aluminium with varied thicknesses starting from 32 mm, 45 mm, 60 mm, and 75 mm with powdercoated profiles and sandwiched panels. We are known as the best workstation suppliers in Jaipur. All our workstations are manufactured after strict precision testing. Our workstations can be easily expanded as per customer requirements, which makes us the most sought-after modular furniture manufacturer in Jaipur. We produce modified developments of these panel based workstations that come in different plan setups, offer elegant, ergonomic and smooth looks and present a new and open feel to work environments. We furnish the parts with upholstery made of delicate sheets for texture, glass or cover, contingent on the accommodation and utility. Clients looking for a planned office with staggering style would track down these things basically extraordinary. Moreover, these board based workstations are ideal for gigantic as well as little spaces. Our completely ready and experience personnel will ensure fast and straightforward foundation of these strong and decreased structure.